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Hann’s fitness journey started with him playing competitive Rugby in western australia before moving onto recreational Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After suffering multiple injuries and undergoing countless surgeries, Hann educateD himself and become a Result-oriented Personal Trainer and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist Making him a complete Coach FOCUSed on Achieving client goals without compromising their needs.

After 19 years in the Fitness Industry, Hann's training philosophy combines an academic and practical application of health and exercise science. As an advocate of science armed with Sports Science and Exercise Rehabilitation university education, Hann understands the limitations of one's own body and the need to continually provide ample stimulus for change.


Clients under Hann’s stable vary from high-level athletes to Diabetic patients. 

16 Years of personal training experience,
19 Yea
rs of SPORTS Coaching Experience

Multi-disciplinary exercise science education


  • masters of research in exercise science [incomplete] ( Australia)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation ( Australia )

  • Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science ( Australia )

  • fISAF Personal Trainer Certified ( International )

  • FITNESS ANYWHERE TRX Suspension Trainer Certified ( International )

  • Fitness Australia Exercise Professional Level 2 ( Australia )

  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation-Specialist ( Smart tools )

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TOP 10 Life Coaches

in Singapore

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" I’ve worked with guys who were

Category C cyclist in Perth and progressed them to highly competitive

Category A cyclists.


I've also prepared athletes physically and mentally for BJJ competitions and MMA fights who have competed regionally and internationally.


But my two biggest joy is creating athletes out of Every Day Joes and helping diabetic patients improve their lifestyle by adjusting nutrition and exercise programming. 

I am a strong advocate for Integrity and Honesty and you can be assured I bring that to my coaching. ” 

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