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Coach Hann helped me to finally see my visible ab lines after I've tried for so many years! We did once a week PT sessions and he gave me simple and easy to follow instructions for my exercise "homework" plus the kind of Cardio I should be doing. The best part was being coached how to eat and I still managed to eat my favourite foods !

Khai, 28 years old, Marketing Manager and Bombshell


Despite all my travels, Hann coached me to the best he can by providing "Travel Exercise Homework". Our focus was to tone up and I am surprised at the work he has done. Prior to this, he spent a lot of time fixing an issue resulting from a previous Trainer. 3 months with a lot of work travel and dinners, I am happy I managed to get this result and have continued training with Hann.

Eric, 40 years old, Business Owner and Foodie

Prior to meeting Hann, I always had flexibility and mobility issues. As a competitive grappler, our mobility and flexibility is an important aspect of our sport. In just one Rehabilitation and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation session, I can now stretch my elbow higher. Plus that night, I had the best sleep in a while. Ever since then, I've engaged Hann as my strength and conditioning coach as the knowledge and experience he has is very high.

Kevin, 28 years old, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Competitor