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Hann has been a heaven sent for me. My personal trainers before Hann were all big and buff. They were never fat so they didn't know what it was like.

Hann understood how to make sustainable changes that lasted. When I met him, I weighed 157Kgs.

After training with Hann, I've lost 28kgs in 2 years. I was able to do this without crash diets and hours of cardio. His focus was on sustainable change, so I was able to still have my favourite foods(curry puffs), and while the workouts were not torturous everytime, they were effective and kept me motivated to return.

Finally, I love the fact that his focus is also on safety and functionality. Ensuring that the goal is always to be more functional. Stronger, more flexible and more mobile.

O, Software Engineer

Have known and trained with Han for many years. He has an extremely people oriented personality and is very knowledgeable in the fields of sports, weightlifting and physical therapy. This dude sincerely enjoys helping others reach their peak potential. If you ever need help getting better in these areas, or even a simple consultation, Han is the man to reach out to.

J, Finance Queen

Hann took every initiative to help me through my weight loss and diabetes. As a single mother, working double jobs including acting, it was difficult finding a trainer that understood my busy lifestyle. Having Hann on WhatsApp Support plus his tips over messages help me get over the medication.

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