5 Steps to choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Choosing a Personal Trainer is harder than finding the right car. It boils down to the amount of cash you are willing to put out and what kind of car.

You can’t expect to pay for a Toyota and receive a Ferrari.

That aside, let’s look at what to look out for!


Here’s the kick-in-the-nuts for you. Most Personal Trainers only possess a Personal Training and First Aid Courses, AND! these courses only take 2 days, or at most, 2 weekends to obtain. The exams aren’t the hardest and there’s a lot of “magic-pen” (this means they get a Pass if they barely know the answer or displayed the right technique). Personally, I wouldn’t hire a Personal Trainer with those credentials. The same way I won’t hire a Pharmacists to handle my medications after only 2 Weeks of Training. Look for a Personal Trainer with at least an education in Sports Science. Whether it’s a Diploma, a Degree or Masters. These are the Personal Trainers who put in the time, effort and education into passing Tertiary standard written and laboratory examinations to be awarded with an Education Certification. Remember school? If we failed, we failed.

Their tertiary course typically educates them from Exercise Programming, Nutrition, Psychology, Rehabilitation. Most PT certification courses just teach them how to do a few exercises right.


Remember when you first graduated and came out of school? You didn’t do too well at your job, right?

Same goes for Personal Trainers. An experienced Personal Trainer will understand your needs better than a Fresh-Off-The-Books Personal Trainer. Do you know what an experienced Personal Trainer gets you? Results in a faster time-frame, provided you cooperate.

They would have probably trained a client before who exhibits the same needs, road blocks you have and would be able to provide you the best possible solutions.


There is nothing worse than a Trainer who can’t empathize with you. A good trainer would have gone through ups and downs like injuries, got sick, got bruised. You want a trainer who has gone through all these so he, or she, can ensure the same doesn’t happen to you.

Think about what you need, if you’re someone who gets hurt easily, have never worked out before, look for a Trainer that is experienced in those areas.


Connection is everything with your Trainer. If you hate your trainer from the Get-Go or get an uneasy feeling. Don’t use that Trainer. Pick a Trainer that you’re comfortable with.

The most commonly heard use of Clients is, I want a specific gender for a Trainer. The truth is, you should pick a trainer based on all the factors mentioned. I am sure you don’t want to pick a trainer that is utter crap just cause it’s your preferred gender.

Also, ensure the feeling is mutual. If your trainer doesn’t vibe with you, drop the trainer. Pick someone else. Don’t pick a Trainer on looks either. You want a trainer that will move the sun and moon to help you get to your goal.


Guess what? Step 5 is more for YOU. No matter how great a Trainer you have picked. If you aren’t going to follow the directions given towards your goal, you’re screwed.

Find your Motivation. Write it down. Make it your phones Wallpaper. Then be ready to do the work.

You didn’t get to where you are by chance, you put in the work at some point!

I hope this helps you get clarity on what to ask your trainer and who you should pick for a trainer.

Finally, if you pay peanuts. You get monkeys. GOOD LUCK!
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