COVID - 19 : A time for Home Fitness

In light of the current pandemic, Covid-19, many countries affected by it have implemented Nationwide lockdowns or Circuit Breaker (in Singapore). With that, fitness gyms, and fitness parks have closed and everyone has suddenly turned into a bodyweight fitness guru or have gone to Decathlon (a popular cheap fitness equipment store) to buy their own set of fitness equipment. It is funny how, especially in Singapore,majority are posting fitness videos on how to work out at home on their social media when prior to this pandemic, they've never ever worked out. Is the Pandemic (again not a proper noun unless you have a reason?) creating a positive change? Will everyone continue to look after their health and fitness once Covid-19 is dealt with? I hope everyone continues to work out safely, and responsibly. Stick to exercises you know and work up the intensity! Stay out of the fridge. To our medical team, support staff and everyone providing Essential Services, stay healthy and well and keep fighting! We are proud of you and will be forever thankful for what you do.

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