Fitness and Nutrition Cheat Code?

Our genetics come from the combination of our parents’ genes. That’s why we look a little like Mum, or a little more like Dad. It’s the one thing we can’t alter about ourselves, Alleles are forms of the same gene with small differences in their sequence of DNA bases. These small differences contribute to each person’s unique physical features.

Now how does this play a part in our DNA?

DNA is a “packaged” structure of genes that contains GENETIC information which in turns, tells us the biological genetic coding of our unique selves. That is why DNA tests in its early infancy were focused on the “family tree”. Where we came from? What our ethnicity is? If our sister is really our sister? (insert shocked emoji).

So, should DNA be something we look at when determining how hard or easy it is for us to lose weight, get ripped or be the next Thor? FLAT OUT, no. But here’s the catch, if you could find ways to make it that bit easier to figure out what type of training, type of dietary recommendations your UNIQUE genetic make-up responds to, wouldn’t you want that?

That’s why multiple companies using DNA Testing Labs have sprung out over the last two years. Charging half or even lesser than what you’ll pay when you go to a hospital to do so.

That’s why companies such as DNACode ( have come up with a cheaper solution to provide a cost-effective yet reliable solution to test your genetics to determine the best workout regime and dietary recommendation for your body-goals.

The science:

As mentioned above, different genes are tested and the lab makes the decision on how your body responds to different training style, dietary recommendations by using scientifically-backed research. I’ll add a few links to research papers for all US nerdy science dudes!

Scientists and geneticists have done multiple research especially in Diabetes, understanding the potential markers (genes) for populations that are at high risk for contracting Diabetes to implement lifestyle changes before the on-set of Diabetes.

1. FTO genotype and 2-year change in body composition and fat distribution in response to weight-loss diets

2. FTO predicts weight regain in the Look AHEAD clinical trial

3. Human cardiovascular disease IBC chip-wide association with weight loss and weight regain in the look AHEAD trial

The amount of research taken to understand human genetics have exponentially increased over the last few years. I reckon, from DNA Testing, scientists will eventually come up with a pill that makes all of us the sexiest version of ourselves or Captain America. But as of now, DNA Fitness and Nutrition testing is the closest we will ever get to being Chris Evans as Captain America. Oh, and a whole lot of discipline and smart work, now that we know how our DNA runs. I’ve added a few more research papers that looks into Body Recompositioning (building muscle, toning up.)

High genetic risk individuals benefit less from resistance exercise intervention

Evidence of LPL gene-exercise interaction for body fat and LPL activity: the HERITAGE Family Study.


KEEP STRIVING TO WORK TO A BETTER YOU, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. And since we are on the topic of genes, why don't you go give a family member a call or hug!

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