Gaining or Losing Weight- Which is harder?

Good thing home scales don't take up this much space
Guy A: "Gaining weight is so much easier!"
Guy B: "No! Losing weight is easier!"

Wherever you may be, you'll hear this argument. Be it in the office, at the gym, at a party or family gathering. People are obsessed with which is easier without considering the multiple factors at hand. I'm here to settle the debate.

They're both HARD. Let me explain.

While the majority of people always strive to lose weight, or be skinnier than the lamp post you walked by earlier, there are those who are gorging themselves non-stop trying to put on weight. The truth is, the crowd trying to lose weight is actually trying to get toned but fat is in the way, and the smaller group trying to gain weight is actually trying to put on more muscle to fill out their T-shirts. Let's talk factors about some of the different factors!


Unfortunately, genetics plays a big role in how you end up looking or how your body metabolizes those calories you've spent all day calculating.

We've got the guys who are hard-gainers, eat 3000 - 4000 calories a day and don't gain an ounce of muscle or fat, we've got the guys who gain 3kgs of fat just by sniffing out that gorgeous Red Velvet Cupcake at the bakery and alas, we've also got the genetically-gifted muscle-monsters, the guys who came out of their mothers womb ready to be a magazine cover model.


The way you train, or workout makes a drastic difference. If you're a "Class-Groupie", chances are you won't gain any muscle. Scientific research shows little to no muscle gain from attending classes.

If you really want to gain muscle, its time you start hitting the weights, no-no, there's no need to start lifting weights straight off the bat. Start with your own bodyweight. You'll be surprised with the right training program, your bodyweight is sufficient to start making some gains. Eventually, you'll progress to using Weighted-Vests.


You've probably heard the phrase "Abs are made in the Kitchen." Yes they are, if you know what you're doing. More often that not, the general public gets swayed by Instagram Influencers, Certified-Over-The-Weekend Personal Trainers and Professional Salesman. The muscle-gaining pills, the weight-loss pills, the latest health-food fad, how to make your own Quinoa Bowl etc2.

Learn to eat better for yourself, not learn what others eat to make themselves look/feel better. Start taking measurements, start understanding what calories are, start being "obsessed" with writing notes down to see what made your weight go up or down.

Your nutrition and training program should be unique to you. How ?

Know your body type, ask an expert.

Know what foods work for you, ask an expert.

Know what kind of training you should be doing, ask an expert.

As with anything else, continually learn from the right people, the people who have taken the time to educate themselves not from the person who says "From my experience, this work for me", unless you're sharing the same genetics, chances are it won't work for you.

If all else fails, DNA Testing has become available to the public and it doesn't require you to get stab with a needle, just a cotton bud swap and off to the Labs for analysis.

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